IIT Gandhinagar India Faculty and Student Housing

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In the first widespread application of confined masonry in India, the new campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar is using confined masonry for its student hostels and faculty and guest housing. Thirty buildings with 9 flats each are being built for faculty as well as student hostels that will house 1,200 students. These buildings are part of a larger campus that includes a central core of academic buildings constructed with RC frame construction. The massive construction project includes some on-site materials fabrication.  IIT Gandhinagar’s Construction Workers Welfare Programme was also recently recognized with the national HUDCO Award for “Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment 2013-14″, citing the housing, safety and welfare practices it has implemented for construction workers. EERI member Sudhir K. Jain is Director of IIT Gandhinagar and is overseeing the application of this technology in the construction of his new campus.