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There is an ongoing initiative to use confined masonry in Algeria, but the application has been limited. First applications are reported in M’sila where a few houses were built using this technology. In 2008-2010 a confined masonry housing program was implemented in the Wilaya of Médéa (about 100 km south-west of Algiers). Confined masonry buildings in Algeria are built using stone masonry. Stone is a locally available material and has been traditionally used for masonry construction in the country. Confined masonry has been addressed by the Algerian seismic code starting in 2003 (RPA 99/version2003).

Earthquake Performance

Confined masonry buildings were exposed to the 2010 Msila earthquake in Algeria (magnitude 5.2) and remained undamaged, while unreinforced masonry and reinforced concrete frame construction experienced damage in the earthquake.

Codes and Standards