Construction Guidelines


A working group on Construction Guidelines, chaired by Tom Schacher, is developing a template for a generic construction guideline that can be adapted for different geographic regions and cultural and construction practices. This template should be available in summer 2014.

As part of this development, the group has reviewed existing construction guidelines from various countries. At this point in the project, these are being posted without review–the project soon hopes to post some additional information for each that would help a user decide which guideline might be most appropriate for a particular situation.

Construction Guidelines:

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Construction Guide for Low-Rise Confined Masonry Buildings

ENGLISH [9 MB]       Intro in English

SPANISH [51 MB]     Intro in Spanish

Competence Center for Reconstruction/ Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Humanitarian Aid/ Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Guidebook for Building Earthquake-Resistant Houses in Confined Masonry  (2018 edition)

ENGLISH  [10 MB]    TURKISH  [10 MB]


UNESCO Guidelines for Earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Construction [Chapter4: Masonry Buildings in Fired-Brick and Other Materials]  (2014)


Colombia Asociación Colombiana de Ingeniería Sísmica (AIS)            SPANISH [9.2 MB]
SENA Guia: Construcción de casas sismo resistentes de uno y dos pisos         SPANISH [8.5 MB]
Ecuador Construir Mejor con Mampostería Confinada                SPANISH [12 MB]
Guía para la Construcción de Viviendas Sismo-resistentes
en Mampostería Confinada                                              SPANISH [16 MB]
Haiti Confined Masonry Workshop Handbook (Totten)

ENGLISH  [4 MB]                   CREOLE [4 MB]

 Indonesia Build Change Construction Constructing Seismic Resistant Masonry Houses in Indonesia (Boen)  ENGLISH [3 MB]

Build Change Construction Checklist     ENGLISH/INDONESIAN [116 kB]

Build Change Design Calculations          ENGLISH [403 kB]

Iran Earthquake Resistant Masonry-Buildings (UNESCO)         ENGLISH [749 KB]
Mexico Cartilla breve para refuerzo de la vivienda rural   SPANISH [2.9 MB]
Pakistan Confined Masonry for 1 & 2 story buildings (Schacher)          ENGLISH  [4 MB]        FRENCH  [4 MB]
Confined Masonry Guidelines (Ali, UET Peshawar)                  ENGLISH  [3.7 MB]
Pakistan ERRA Guideline                    ENGLISH  [3.7 MB]
Peru Construction and Maintenance of Masonry Houses         ENGLISH  [3.5 MB]
Chapter 4: Confined Masonry Housing                               SPANISH [6.7 MB]
Construction Procedures                                                       SPANISH [1.9 MB]
Switzerland Guidebook for Building Earthquake-Resistant Houses in Confined Masonry      ENGLISH  [13 MB]
Venezuela Cartilla de Autoconstrucción Sismorresistente                 SPANISH [2 MB]