Concrete Block

Research papers, reports, studies on the use of concrete block in confined masonry construction

Earthquake-Resistant Confined Masonry Construction Brzev, S.N. Link to purchase paper
Out-of-Plane Resistance of Concrete Masonry Infilled Panels Dawe, J.L. and Seah, C.K. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 16(6): 854–864 (1989) Link to purchase paper
A Seismic Vulnerability Index for Confined Masonry Shear Wall Buildings and a Relationship with the Damage Gent Franch, K.A., Giuliano Morbelli, G.M., Astroza Inostroza, M.A. and Gori, R.E. Engineering Structures Volume 30, Issue 10, October 2008, Pages 2605-2612 Link to purchase paper
Displacement Capacity and Required Story Drift in Confined Masonry Buildings Moroni, M., Astroza, M. and Mesias, P. Proc. 11th World Conf. Earthquake Engineering., Acapulco, Paper No. 1059, 1996.

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Performance and Seismic Vlnerability of Masonry Housing Types Used in Chile Moroni, M.O., Astroza, M. and Acevedo, C. J. Perf. Constr. Fac. Vol 18, Issue 3, pp. 173-179 (2004) Link to purchase paper
Backbone Model for Confined Masonry Walls for Performance-Based Seismic Design Riahi, Z., Elwood, K.J. and Alcocer, S.M. J. Struct. Engrg. Volume 135, Issue 6, pp. 644-654 (2009) Link to purchase paper
Drift-based fragility assessment of confined masonry walls in seismic zones Ruiz-Garcia, J. and Negrete, M. Engineering Structures Vol 31, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 170-181 Link to purchase paper
Cyclic behavior of combined and confined masonry walls Tena-Colunga A., Juarez-Angeles, A. and Salinas-Vallejo, V. Engineering Structures Vol 31, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 240-259 Link to purchase paper
Seismic behaviour of confined masonry walls Tomazevic, M. and Kelemnc, I. Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute,Vol 26, No. 10, 1997,Pages 1059-1071
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Seismic behavior of masonry walls: experimental simulation Tomazevic M., Lutman, M. and Petkovic, L. J. Struct. Engrg. Volume 122, Issue 9, pp. 1040-1047 (1996)
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Dynamic Modelling of Masonry Buildings: Storey Mechanism Model as a simple alternative Tomazevic, M. Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics Vol 15,Issue 6, Pages 731-749 (2006)
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Shear resistance of masonry walls and Eurocode 6: shear versus tensile strength of masonry Tomazevic, M. Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Vol 42, No. 7, (2009) Link to purchase paper
Verification of seismic resistance of confined masonry buildings Tomazevic, M. and Klemenc, I. Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics Vol 26 Issue 10, Pages 1073 – 1088 (1998)
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Experimental Investigation of the Behavior of Confined Masonry Walls of Concrete Block Subject to Lateral Cyclical Reversible Loads Reinforced with Steel Grades 60 and 42 Ernesto L.Treviño; Sergio M. Alcocer ; Leonardo E. Flores Rafael Larrua Q. ; José M. Zárate ; Leticia Gallegos M. Link to view paper
Robustness as a criterion for use of hollow clay masonry units in seismic zones Miha Tomazevic, Ph.D.; Polona Weiss, M.Sc Link to Paper