16 WCEE Chile 2017

A special session Global implementation of confined masonry construction technology for seismic risk reduction: challenges and opportunities was held at 16WCEE in January 2017 (Santiago, Chile). The session featured recent projects and initiatives related to implementing confined masonry in different parts of the world, including i) an overview of the activities of the Confined Masonry Network, a global initiative to advocate confined masonry as a construction technology, and ii) an overview of confined masonry applications in Latin American countries, where confined masonry has been used for decades, and also other countries where confined masonry has been used in post-earthquake rehabilitation projects. Presentations from the special session are featured below.

Confined Masonry Network: An Overview of Guidelines and Initiatives, Svetlana Brzev, T. Hart, Paper #1825
Presentation 1825

Confined Masonry Buildings: The Chilean Experience, Maximiliano Astroza, F. Andrade, M.O. Moroni, Paper #3462
Presentation 3462

Relevant Aspects of the New Mexico City’s Code for the Design and Construction of Masonry Structures, Juan Jose Perez-Gavilan, A. Pérez G., L. E. Flores, R. Jean, J. Cesin, O. Hernández, Paper #449
Presentation 449

Development of Confined Masonry Seismic Considerations, Research and Design Codes in Peru, Daniel Quiun, P. Santillan, Paper #2883
Presentation 2883

Case Study: Design and Construction of Confined Masonry Homes in Indonesia, Tim Hart, J. Pazdon, L. Blaisdell, E. Hausler Strand, Paper #694
Presentation 694

Introducing confined Masonry in a Fragile State: The Case of Haiti After the 2010 Earthquake, Ivan Bartolini, T. Schacher, Paper #4477
Presentation 4477

Seismic Retrofit of Confined Masonry Houses in Haiti: Lessons from Implementation, Clement Davy, M. L. Blaisdell, K. M. Sinclair, E. Hausler Strand, Paper #3888
Presentation 3888

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit for Reducing the Vulnerability of Housing in Colombia: Development and Implementation, Diego Nacif Hartley, M. L. Blaisdell, J. Caballero, E. Hausler Strand, Paper #4200
Presentation 4200